Nov 1, 2011

Looking Back at October

On October 3rd I got an email from Amazon to say I'd got my Amazon Associates account back. Basically, it took me 2 solid weeks of not doing anything else to move my links FROM Amazon, so it wasn't like I could switch my Amazon income back on again. Nevertheless, I procrastinated and then started putting Amazon links in a few places again. It will be nice to have some Amazon money back as the last few months have been pretty low without it, but I know it will take time to build it up again.

I sold 96 Homeschooling Boys books on Amazon and am very pleased with that.

My Google money is definitely dwindling compared with this time last year. I'm embarrassed to say my highest Google earner was again WebAnswers (just because it's not a quality site), my other three earners were InfoBarrel, my own webpage and Best-Reviewer.

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