Sep 18, 2012

Work on the Internet: 7 Ways to Work from Home Online

Great advice on working at home from Allie

Sep 5, 2012


I've been hearing about people losing their Google Adsense account, or nearly losing it a lot more in the last month. On my own personal site I have a few Google Ads, and one day they just disappeared. Then I realized I didn't have a privacy policy on the site, so I added one. A couple of weeks later the ads came back. Yes, I didn't follow the Google rules, but when you work with lots of sites that all have different rules, it gets confusing. In truth, adding a privacy policy to my many sites has been on my to-do list a long time, just not near the top. The Google ads disappearing on one site made me add it to many other sites too.

One of the problems online is that Google is just so big. It is the biggest for paying money for adverts, and it is by far the biggest search engine. If Google doesn't like you for any reason, it's difficult to make money by another method.

Having said that, of all the different methods I make money, Google Adsense is usually one of the lowest. I find it easier to write and sell products than I do to earn money from Adsense.

Sep 4, 2012

It's Tough Being a Work At Home Mom

It's tough being a work at home mom. The advantage is the flexibility, but the disadvantage is that family comes first. I'm looking forward to the end of summer and some semblance of routine happening again, because I've hardly done any online work since June.

Three of my four children changed school or college over the summer and there has been endless forms to fill, supplies to buy, visits to make. Even the child who stayed in the same school had to be re-registered.

Sometimes I think I would like a "real job" (and certainly the real pay would be nice), but then I get creative and start enjoying it again.

I wonder if I could earn enough to get a housekeeper, or even a personal chef, then that would give me even more free time for my creativity. But in the short term, I have to clean my own house, cook my own meals and clean up after everyone. Well, I can dream. After all, isn't that what Internet Marketing is all about?

Sep 3, 2012

Amazon Earnings

Last month I earned $427 with Amazon and I was aiming to beat that this month, but I didn't. Last month, very early in the month I managed to get to the 7% level of earnings and this month I just missed that and stayed at the 6.5%. The difference in earnings is only about $20, as when you reach the 7%, everything you have sold changes to the 7% level.

In August, I made $225 with Amazon Associates, here are the details by tracking number

If that is too small to read, you can read it here

The problem is that the first tracking number is from a site that has now been sandboxed. When Google sandboxes a site, it can be for a week, a month, or forever and we don't know. I don't know if I should work on improving this site, or work somewhere else. This is the site I was building up for high sales (I hope) at Christmas.

Sep 2, 2012


Volatile! That's the word that describes this Internet Marketing Business we are in. And August 2012 was certainly that.

There was yet another large Google change on August 20th and my traffic has plummeted.

Both HubPages and Best-Reviewer have de-indexed hubs and tops respectively, all of which need work to re-appear in Google searches.

My biggest earner has dropped to almost nothing and I'm having deep thoughts about quitting.

The truth is that August figures were very close to June figures, but that's because most of the money I made was made in the first 20 days of the month and not the last 10. The prospect for September does not look good.

I had a plan, starting September 1st to aim for the Christmas market, with a goal to make $1000 with Amazon in December. Today I'm wondering if I should give up my goal and "spend more time with the family".

I've been knocked down so many times before and bounced back. Am I being silly and wasting my time, or should I really invest my time and energy in this business?