Sep 4, 2012

It's Tough Being a Work At Home Mom

It's tough being a work at home mom. The advantage is the flexibility, but the disadvantage is that family comes first. I'm looking forward to the end of summer and some semblance of routine happening again, because I've hardly done any online work since June.

Three of my four children changed school or college over the summer and there has been endless forms to fill, supplies to buy, visits to make. Even the child who stayed in the same school had to be re-registered.

Sometimes I think I would like a "real job" (and certainly the real pay would be nice), but then I get creative and start enjoying it again.

I wonder if I could earn enough to get a housekeeper, or even a personal chef, then that would give me even more free time for my creativity. But in the short term, I have to clean my own house, cook my own meals and clean up after everyone. Well, I can dream. After all, isn't that what Internet Marketing is all about?

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