Sep 3, 2012

Amazon Earnings

Last month I earned $427 with Amazon and I was aiming to beat that this month, but I didn't. Last month, very early in the month I managed to get to the 7% level of earnings and this month I just missed that and stayed at the 6.5%. The difference in earnings is only about $20, as when you reach the 7%, everything you have sold changes to the 7% level.

In August, I made $225 with Amazon Associates, here are the details by tracking number

If that is too small to read, you can read it here

The problem is that the first tracking number is from a site that has now been sandboxed. When Google sandboxes a site, it can be for a week, a month, or forever and we don't know. I don't know if I should work on improving this site, or work somewhere else. This is the site I was building up for high sales (I hope) at Christmas.

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  1. Yes, be beware that Amazon income can go down, as well as up! Google seem to be clamping down on sites and pages using Amazon Affiliation nowadays. My Amazon earnings fell by 80% during the first half of the year (2012). I've recovered to a degree now, but it's tough going!