Sep 5, 2012


I've been hearing about people losing their Google Adsense account, or nearly losing it a lot more in the last month. On my own personal site I have a few Google Ads, and one day they just disappeared. Then I realized I didn't have a privacy policy on the site, so I added one. A couple of weeks later the ads came back. Yes, I didn't follow the Google rules, but when you work with lots of sites that all have different rules, it gets confusing. In truth, adding a privacy policy to my many sites has been on my to-do list a long time, just not near the top. The Google ads disappearing on one site made me add it to many other sites too.

One of the problems online is that Google is just so big. It is the biggest for paying money for adverts, and it is by far the biggest search engine. If Google doesn't like you for any reason, it's difficult to make money by another method.

Having said that, of all the different methods I make money, Google Adsense is usually one of the lowest. I find it easier to write and sell products than I do to earn money from Adsense.

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