Sep 2, 2012


Volatile! That's the word that describes this Internet Marketing Business we are in. And August 2012 was certainly that.

There was yet another large Google change on August 20th and my traffic has plummeted.

Both HubPages and Best-Reviewer have de-indexed hubs and tops respectively, all of which need work to re-appear in Google searches.

My biggest earner has dropped to almost nothing and I'm having deep thoughts about quitting.

The truth is that August figures were very close to June figures, but that's because most of the money I made was made in the first 20 days of the month and not the last 10. The prospect for September does not look good.

I had a plan, starting September 1st to aim for the Christmas market, with a goal to make $1000 with Amazon in December. Today I'm wondering if I should give up my goal and "spend more time with the family".

I've been knocked down so many times before and bounced back. Am I being silly and wasting my time, or should I really invest my time and energy in this business?

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  1. I am getting a part time job. I had a good period which led me to be optimistic, but that was almost immediately followed by a sinking! It's tough to get a regular income in this climate!