Mar 1, 2013

Still Writing My Book

Watch this space! I hope to have my next book published during March. As I write this, the book is finished and is currently being proofread. The cover is being designed and I'm working on the five appendices and other little things like who to dedicate it to.

February has been a crazy month. I've ignored everything except the homescholing of my daughter and the writing of my book, which is about 30,000 words long (my longest yet). Then for the last week of February I went down with a 'flu bug. My son, who is at college about an hour away went down with a more severe case of the 'flu bug (even though we'd been nowhere near each other), and needed rescuing and driven back home for mom to look after. So, while sick, I did an emergency rescue of my son and brought him home to recover.

I'm behind on my blogs, the house is a mess, I've still not recovered from the 'flu, but I'm very excited about my imminent book release.

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