Sep 1, 2011

Looking Back at August - Part 1

August must have been my worst month ever for earning money online. Traditionally August is a low month for people to be online. When I used to sell on eBay, the only things that sold during August were school supplies. As soon as September hit, sales just went up.

HubPages traffic went way down and then started to rise. Is this because it's August, or because of the next edition of Panda? We mortals will never know. There's been some speculation about the fact that traffic on HubPages is rising, but earnings are still at an all time low.

I have 3 accounts on HubPages. Let's call them A, B and C. A is my main account, with 128 hubs and a variety of topics. B and C have one topic each and 36 and 21 hubs respectively.

When Panda happened in February 2011, the traffic on A dropped slightly and then stayed steady. When the accounts were split into sub-domains my traffic increased by about 20%. Not back up to Panda levels, but it looked promising. The traffic on B stayed at pre-Panda levels and then dropped slightly when sub-domains were rolled out. The traffic on C, which is pretty low anyway, stayed pretty low.

Now, something happened mid August because people on the forums were all noticing something drastic. While the traffic graph on A went vertically down, the traffic graph on B went vertically up. And there they stayed.

I reasoned that the quality of my writing in both accounts (I'm only really comparing A and B here) must be about the same. I'm not sure why one account is doing so well and the other so badly. I do have a few more RSS feeds in A, and am thinking of removing them to see if traffic improves. There have been many talks of quality, of RSS feeds, of writing an introduction to our hubs, but no one is definitely saying, "Do this and things will improve."

People say hub scores don't have much to do with earnings, but my hubs with higher hub scores are in my opinion the better hubs. At the bottom of the "my account" page is the average hub score. The average hubscore of account A is 65, the average of B is 71 and the average of C is 66.

I just used A, B and C for ease of reference, if you want to read them, A is TinaAtHome, B is TinasTreasures, and C is Cyber Scribe

I'm now about to make the decision of what to do with my hubs. Here are my options:
1. Do nothing
2. Remove RSS feeds
3. Write introductions
4. Remove some bad hubs
5. Try and improve some of my worse hubs, as in make them longer

I just don't want to amend about 170 hubs unless I'm certain it's going to work. I have lots of other things I can be doing, so for the immediate future I'm going with number 1.

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