Dec 31, 2011

Looking back at December

When I go on my Google AdSense account and look at December's earnings, everything is green (except HubPages). That means that on every website (except HubPages) I have earned more in December than I earned in November. HubPages I'm earning with HPAds and not much with Google.

When I add what I'm earning with HPAds to money from Google for HubPages, it's about half what I was earning with just Google in December 2010. HubPages is not a good money maker for me right now and most probably through 2012.

I'm not moving hubs. Most of them are so intricately backlinked in a very complicated way that it would be a lot of work to move them somewhere else. I'm leaving them all where they are and just not expecting any decent earnings from them right now.

I've been hearing good things about Wizzley. If I was moving hubs, I'd move them there, but right now I'm more interested in building webpages and getting all the earnings than writing on revenue sharing sites.

My top earners with Google in December were:


I now have 6 Kindle books published and they earned me about $150 in December.

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