Dec 1, 2011

Looking back at November

November has been a really good month. I published not one, but two Kindle books. And youtube offered me Google ads on my 50 youtube videos. I saw a trickle of money from Amazon Associates and my HubPages earnings from HPads were the highest ever. I seriously thought about giving it all up, but fortunately not for long.

This month's Google money is really not worth reporting, but my top two earners there were HubPages and WebAnswers. However, if I add my Google AdAsense money and my HPAds money, it's about half what I earned from Google in December 2010.

Here are the two new Kindle books

I did a little experiment with pricing on my first Kindle book. At first I listed it at 99 cents. For the month of November I changed the price to $2.99 and it's hardly affected the number of sales. The difference in money is huge because at 99 cents, I get 35 cents income, but for the $2.99 book I get about $2 in sales money. I don't think I'll sell books at 99 cents in the future, I think my lowest price will be $2.99

For December I'm planning a series of 5 Kindle books. There will be 4 individual books priced at $2.99 each and then all the four books together in one book for $9.99. I'm aiming to get them out for Christmas Day, but I'm being held back by family commitments during this busy season!

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