Jan 9, 2012

Learning about Amazon Associates

This year's resolution is to earn more with Amazon Associates. But first I need to be educated. I'm sharing that journey here.

First I went to Amazon to see if there are any books and Kindle books that might be useful. There are only two books on Amazon about how to earn money with Amazon.

This is a book I'd like to buy, but haven't yet. I'm trying to gain knowledge without spending anything first. The book is currently $9.99, so it's a little high. I know Zen Duck Dave (in an online knowing sort of way), so I trust the information he will give. I'm just not ready to buy the book yet.

This is the first in a series of books by Ryan Stevenson. I hadn't heard of this author until I found his books. This first book in the series is available for 99 cents or free for Kindle owning Prime members, the rest are $6.99.

Ryan's blog is supertargeting.com. If you sign up on his blog for his newsletter, you can get one of his books for free. You can also buy his series of books on his webpage either singly or as one $37 purchase.

Having read 2 of Ryan's books I decided not to get any others, just because I don't like spending money and I'd like to try and get some information free first.

Then I watched a few youtube videos. I just searched for Amazon Associates and watched lots of videos. On some of them, you can actually see their earnings. You can read a book and not know for certain if someone is earning money or not, so it's nice to see the screen shots in youtube videos.

Finally I browsed Warrior Forum for Amazon Associates threads and learned all I could there.

There was this one blog post that was advertised on Warrior Forum that contains a lot of great information.

Here are some of the things I've learned (in no particular order):

  • Don't put Google ads on a webpage where you want people to click on your Amazon ads.
  • People are more likely to click on ads if the webpage is wider
  • The best webpages have about 20+ pages
  • Aim for a quality webpage
  • If you find a niche where the product manuals are online, that can help you write reviews
  • Amazon product webpages, like everything else, will become saturated. That's good for Amazon but not good for the online earner.

Now, here's my comment, there are many ways to earn Amazon Affiliate money, but all I've read suggests setting up a product based webpage. One person on the Warrior Forum thread mentioned that he has other ways of earning with Amazon, but didn't say how. Setting up a webpage isn't the only way.

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  1. Thanks, Tina for keeping us posted on your learning curve and progress...Go for it!!!...I am sure you have what it takes... :)

    WAHM Shelley...