Jan 3, 2012

Portable Toilets

In an effort to earn more Amazon Associates money, I've designed a site about Portable Toilets.

I used Weebly and designed the whole site in about 3 hours. I found Weebly very easy to use. I'm someone who has designed a webpage using my imac, but haven't yet ventured into building one with WordPress. Weebly allows you two free webpages. When once you have done that you can sign up for their Weebly pro program from $3 per month. Of course you'd need to register a domain on top of that.

Why portable toilets? Well, I wrote an article about portable toilets a while ago and sold a few and also sold a toilet tent to go with one. So, it seemed like a good niche topic. While everyone else is writing about electronics and competing for the top places in the Google search, I may be one of the few writing about portable toilets. Selling one toilet or tent on Amazon can get about $4-$10 commission.

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