Jul 5, 2012

What Happened to June?

It's July and I wonder what happened to June.
This was my plan: May - write a Kindle book
June - publish the Kindle book
July - write another Kindle book

But it's not happening, and here's why.

My planned 20,000 word book for May got stuck at 12,000. I haven't written anything there for about 3 weeks.

A client of mine is moving. I have clients with clutter problems and they give me stuff to sell or freecycle. As time goes on I'm trying to earn residual income and not direct income, so I'm not actively seeking new clients, but the people I've helped for years still give me stuff to sell. As a result, I've unexpectedly spent the month of June listing on ebay and freecycling. I made about $1000 and a lot of stuff has been listed and will sell in the future, so it was definitely worth my while doing that, but I'm having to push back my Kindle books a little.

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