Aug 10, 2012

July Went Wild

Earnings have been going up every month, there was a slight downward trend in June, but July WENT WILD!

Most of the increase came from Amazon Associates which reached $430. I also made 4 sales with Shareasale which made $135 commission. This is really surprising since when I sold on eBay the summer months of  June, July and August were the slowest months, with July being the worst selling month of the year.

Remember I am trying to increase my Amazon sales to get to $1000 residual with Amazon by December.

Now let me tell you that over 90% of my Amazon income came from one site. My question is, should I try and increase that amount, or use my time building up my other sites?


  1. Why not improve on what you know is working if there is space for improvement in the SERP's Tina?

    With that said, After destroying a couple of high earning sites when I first started out I always get a little paranoid about ruining the work I've already done. lol

  2. Thank you for your comment. I'm trying to build up 5 different streams of income, one of which is Amazon Associates. I'm nervous of having only one stream of income and then losing it. While it's tempting to work on increasing my Amazon income, I also want to write more Kindle books, which is also one of the streams of income I'm working on.

    Oh, if only I had more time.