Aug 11, 2012

What a Crazy Summer

I guess nothing goes to plan. I had a plan to write a book in May and another one in July. The May book hasn't been touched since May and the July book hasn't been started. With 4 children in the house over the summer, I just don't get much time to do any writing. More than anything, I'm looking forward to the routine of school starting again in a couple of weeks. Two will be in college (one home, one away), one in high school and my homeschooler is starting school two days a week. This I hope will give me more time to write.

Nevertheless July was my highest month ever, thanks mainly to Amazon Associates (see yesterday's post). I don't know why I report on Google earnings, compared to all my other income streams, it's not much. But the top three this month were WebAnswers, Best-Reviewer and YouTube.

And Kindle sales which dropped in June, went back up again in July. They seem to be steady income with little fluctuation. Now, if only I could write some more.

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