Mar 13, 2012

Amazon Results for February

I got really excited in February when someone clicked through using my Amazon referral code and bought an $800 bunk bed AND the matching dresser for $300. I tried not to count my chickens, but I did, and I calculated $72 worth of commission for me. But it never happened.

Some products which are advertised by Amazon are not in the Amazon Associates referral program and these products are two of those. But if we don't get the commission, why does Amazon show them as sales? I really don't know.

Apart from those sales, I had a really good month on Amazon. I sold a rowing machine, a Digital Analog Converter, a portable water heater and a high definition television. The total I made in sales commission was $135 and I missed my goal of $180. If only that bunk bed set had counted. Ah well, I now know what to look for when advertising Amazon products.

So that's the reason February stats are late, I was waiting for the payment to show up for the bunk beds, but now I've decided it never will.

In February I discovered Pinterest and spent a lot fo my time working out how it works and also trying to make some money from it. I'm not yet convinced that the money will be worth the time spend, but I'm currently investigating. I did get 4 Amazon sales from Pinterest, one of which was the television. So that was $23 for about $20 hours work.

My goal for March is $200, let's see if I can make that or if I'll get too sidetracked with Pinterest.

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