Mar 9, 2012

Commission Evolution: Affiliate Marketing Tips - The Complete Guide to Winning the Affiliate Game

I just read this book to gain some knowledge in my quest to earn money with Amazon Affiliates.

The book is about affiliate marketing and mainly talks about Clickbank, but the principles are the same. I liked that it didn't discuss making a webpage with WordPress as the only option for affiliate sales.

The book took me an hour to read. I got it free with Amazon's library lending system. I'm glad I didn't pay $8.93 for it, but had I paid $2.99 I think it would have been worth it.

I felt I already knew the information in the first half of the book, but I gained a few suggestions from the second half. They are as follows:
- make a youtube video advertising a product and put your affiliate link in it
- use PowerPoint in your youtube video to make it look more professional
- advertise on myspace, it's not used as much as Facebook, but it's still used a lot

I have already used Camtasia to make youtube videos and love the suggestion. I already make videos advertising other people's products and sites via Fiverr, but somehow didn't think to make any for my own sites. Watch this space, I'll make some soon.

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