May 6, 2012


While I have been trying to earn money with Amazon Affiliates, I have also been trying to earn money with Shareasale. I joined Shareasale last July when Amazon stopped letting me be an affiliate. It took a while to work out how they worked, and just as I did, I got my Amazon account back, so didn't really do anything with them.

But recently, while I have been working on trying to increase my earnings with Amazon, I've also been trying to earn with Shareasale. The good news is that I just passed the minimum payment threshold of $50, so I will be receiving a payment next month.

Whereas Amazon pays you on a sliding scale from 4% for referrals made in the first 24 hours you refer someone, Shareasale often gives you 10% for 30 days. The $50 I'm about to get paid is just from 4 sales. It takes many more sales on Amazon to reach $50.

Just to clarify, Shareasale is made up of many different vendors who all have their own terms. 10% and 30 days seems to be about average, but they do vary.

Last July I signed up with Linkshare and Shareasale, but I much prefer Shareasale. To start with, I worked equally with both, but as time has gone on, I converted all my Linkshare adverts to Shareasale.

If you want to join Shareasale, please use my referral link below

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