Jan 7, 2013

A week into the new year and I haven't published an update

I try and write a post in the first few days of each month. But suddenly it's January 7th and I realize I haven't summarized December, or 2012, or said of my goals for 2013. I know I have a lot to write and it took a while to start. I find it easier to write short blog posts than longer ones, so the more I have to write, the more procrastination sets in.

Anyway, my excuse for not writing sooner in the new year is that I spent a few days at the California coast. Hubby and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this week, so instead of going back to work on January 2nd like the rest of the country, we went and spent 3 days in a hotel with great views of the sea. I tried not to open my laptop, but just did a quick check of emails each day and certainly no work. Isn't that meant to be the point of residual income that you can take a few days off and the revenue keeps coming?

Here are my favorite photographs from our time away:

So, let's start with December. If you've been reading this blog for more than a year you will know that I resolved to make $1000 with Amazon Associates in December 2012. I didn't, I made $290. A year ago I thought I could easily make the $1000/month if I just built enough sites and advertised enough products. While $290 is more than many people make in a month with Amazon Associates, I can just say that it's harder than I thought. The good news is that it's about double what I made a year ago in December 2011, so the money is going up, just not as fast as I had hoped.


  1. Great pictures. Love them all.

    It's obvious everything is going pretty good for you. So glad to hear it and see it. LOL.

    It is so refreshing to read your honesty about the Amazon earnings. Yeah, creating solid continuous streams of income does not happen over night.

    I was checking to see if a link to my website was still visible on the websites and blogs I backlink with and sure enough, you kept your word. I love it and always appreciate the update to your growing blog.

    I spent a few hours today updating my websites homepage and that is why I am here. I still have a link posted at the bottom of my website homepage under More Free Information.

    Listen, I've added content at the bottom of my website and I share more free information about how to create more streams of income. No out-of-pocket money needed just good old fashion content writing and pictures too. Seeing you have lots of pictures you may want to follow my lead.

    OK, let me know what you think when you have the time. You can always connect with me through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest. The choice is yours.

    Again, so pleased to see you are still moving forward. The first two years for me was hard but it's not hard anymore.

    Michelle Cesare

  2. Hi Michelle, thank you for your comment. I do do RedGage and recently got a $25 bonus for winning their daily something. That's the second payment I've had and I'm very close to a third. All these little amounts really do add up.

    I do many other things I don't mention in this blog. I've seen some success with youtube recently. I think the key is to have a presence in many places in case one doesn't go to plan.

    There are more posts coming this week with past results and future plans, so watch out for those.