Jan 8, 2013

Looking back at 2012

A year ago I set myself resolutions to do during 2012. Here they are with whether or not I did them.

1. Finish Make Money Online Kindle Series
I didn't do this, I think I've given up on these books. Sometime I need to do a major overhaul and it's not priority right now. I did change the cover on Make Money Online with Hubpages and it didn't affect sales at all.

2. Start a book club blog
I started a book club blog and here it is Book Club Reads. Right now there are not many people viewing it and it's not making any money, but I love reading and commenting on books, so this is a work of passion that I hope will one day earn for me. 

3. Work on Amazon Associates account to get $1000 per month by December
The lack of achieving this was covered in yesterday's post

4. Use more in-text Amazon Ads on HubPages
If you advertise Amazon products on HubPages, they get viewed with your referral code 60% of the time, but if you use an intext link it is viewed 100% of the time. HubPages lets you use two in text links per hub, so it's a good idea to do that. I even made a video explaining an in text link for someone who wasn't sure what I was talking about, you can view that here:

5. Write a Kindle book from scratch on homeschooling

It's interesting I put that here because I scheduled to write this book in July 2012 and it never happened. In fact I have two books in my brain right now, this homeschooling book and a Christian book. The Christian book was worked on in May 2012 before I got writer's block, it's now rescheduled for February 2013 and the homeschooling book is scheduled to be written in January 2013. 

6. Record homeschooling boys audio version
This didn't happen. I did some research as to how to do it and what format it must be in, but didn't get any further than that. 

7. Get print version of homeschooling boys book with CreateSpace
While I didn't get a print version of my Homeschooling Boys book, I did put Living Simply into print with CreateSpace in February 2012.

8. Learn WordPress so that building a WP site becomes second nature

9. Learn Pixelmator or similar so I can produce my own book covers
10. Join Keyword Academy for at least a month
No, I didn't do any of these. I still struggle with learning the tools I need. Should I learn Pixelmator or pay someone to make my Kindle covers? Should I put effort into learning WordPress when others are struggling to make money with their own websites? I'm still not clear with myself as to the direction I should go and still wonder which tools I need. Only yesterday my 16 year old son was teaching me how to use garage band so I can add music to my youtube videos.

11. Lose weight
From January 2012 to January 2013 I am down 10 pounds. In the middle of the year I was down 20 pounds, but 10 of it came back on.

12. Exercise more
I'm actually pretty good at exercising and I think my routine just stayed the same. Most days I exercise for 45 minutes on the treadmill because being on the treadmill is the only time I watch TV or a DVD. All I need is an episode of Criminal Minds or CSI and exercising is easy.

What else did I do?
I'm moving to more offline work in the organization/decluttering area. In order to advertise myself more I created Clutter-Free-Lifestyle. I intend building up the website, but haven't done much with it yet. I also ran my Anti-Clutter class in the summer.

People tell me they like my voice when I read scripture, so I created Audio Bible Tube and a lot of videos with me reading Scripture on YouTube.

I continued selling on eBay, despite resolving monthly to give it up. I don't do the garage sales each week any more, but many of my friends give me stuff to sell and it seems there's always a constant amount of stuff that needs listing.

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