Jan 9, 2013

Goals for 2013

I'm simplifying my 2013 goals compared with 2012. I'm really putting everything in maintenance mode and not starting anything new that is big.

1. I have 4 blogs and I write on the Living Simply site on BellaOnline. I plan on posting to those once a week each. I'm going to try and get these sites scheduled for 3 months out rather than writing each week.

2. Everywhere else I write (about 30 other places) I plan on checking once a month and adding or changing content on each site. I'm going to improve the sites I have and try not to make any new ones. (Although somehow I know I will as making new sites is much more exciting than adding to existing sites)

3. Write homeschooling book in January

4. Write Christian book in February

5. Finish Psalms for Audio Bible Tube. This may seem easy, but to make a video I first need quiet in the house, and that is rare. 

6. Get rid of everything in the house I don’t want (this is the definition of clutter). As a decluttering expert, I'm embarrassed by the amount of clutter I do have in my own house. 

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