Jan 10, 2013

The Type of Product that's Good to Sell for Affiliate Commission

I'm always looking for good products to sell, and some are better than others. While books sell well, at 4-8% commission from Amazon, I don't make much money from them.

I like to find products that sell for around $100 - $150, then the commission per item is worth having. But also, products that are sold in multiples can add up to one $100 sale.

I've been doing well selling archery equipment, let me tell you why. Many bows cost around $50-$100, but when people buy a bow, they often buy arrows and a target. And that's what makes archery equipment good to sell.

So now, don't rush off and advertise archery equipment, let me tell you what to look for so you can find your own products to advertise. Look for a main product that is over $50, that when people buy it, they buy other things too. A coffee machine is a good example. Can you imagine buying a coffee machine and not buying coffee?

T-Shirts - people rarely buy one t-shirt, but many. In fact, people often buy clothes in multiples and not singly. The clothes people are more likely to buy in multiples are socks and underwear. Bras are a little different, people will buy multiple bras, but they have a high return rate.

Baby items are good sellers, as moms to be rarely buy one item at a time, the same goes for beauty products. There are many expensive shampoos and conditioners and they are rarely bought singly.

With cellphones, people buy covers, the same with Kindle books too. So if you advertise electronics, try and sell a cover too to increase your commission. Computers and other electronics can be sold with an extended warranty and Amazon do sell those for some electronics.

With electronic toys, advertise rechargeable batteries. With hi-fi advertise speakers. With lights sell bulbs. Just take a look at what you are selling and see if you can also advertise a similar product (called an add-on), because add ons not only make a difference to the amount of money you earn, they can help raise you to the next level of commission if you are selling with Amazon.

So, next time you are advertising a product on your website or blog, think if you were buying that product, what would you buy with it and advertise that too. You could substantially increase sales by doing so.

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