Jul 20, 2011

How Do I Get Started Writing Online?

I earn money in many different places. The phrase is "multiple streams of income". If you want to do so too, you can read my blog or look at my webpage and wonder, where do I start? My friend recently asked me to help her get started earning money online. I had a think for a while and then advised her to sign up for Mechanical Turk and WebAnswers and here are my reasons why.

There are two main ways of earning money online. One is to directly earn money, you do a job and you get paid. The other is to earn residual money, you do work now, there are adverts on the page and you get paid for the adverts for as long as the pages stay on the Internet. It's very hard to work and work purely for residual income because it can take months or even years before you start to see much income. Many people give up. At the same time, although Mechanical Turk doesn't pay much per hour, to start with it's better than residual income. When the residual money starts to come in, you can stop Mechanical Turk.

Here are two articles I've written about WebAnswers, the first is an introduction to the site, the second gives you tips on how to earn reasonable money there.

Easily Make Money Online with WebAnswers and Google AdSense

How to Really Make Money Online with WebAnswers and Google AdSense

And this is a top I've written on Best-Reviewer about Mechanical Turk, or MTurk as it's more often known. I found 3 really good articles about MTurk (not written by me) and I've put them together in one list.

Top 3 Best Advice About Making Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk

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