Jul 30, 2011

I published a Kindle book!

When I was 10, a teacher in my school put a poster of a competition on the outside window of his classroom. It was a picture of two bikes, one was perfect and the other had unsafe faults on it. The competition was to find the differences. Every lunchtime people would gather round this poster pointing out the faults. I got a piece of paper and wrote down the differences, there were well over 100. Many people made suggestions and showed me some differences I hadn't noticed. I handed in the paper and eagerly waited.

I won the competition, I can't remember the prize, but I remember it was a really good one. The thing is, although it was really easy to spot the differences, mine was the only entry.

Writing a Kindle book was like that. When I mentioned I was writing a book many people said they wanted to write a book. I'm convinced that almost anyone could write a Kindle book, but few will actually do it.

Here's my book

Homeschooling Boys - Gaining Maximum Success from Minimum Cooperation

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