Jul 1, 2011

Looking Back at June

May 2011 was my best month ever for online earnings. Then June came and I beat that figure. I was very pleased with myself until Amazon closed my Associates account because I live in California. I don't expect to earn close to that figure for July as Amazon Associates was 74% of my June earnings.

Earning money online is not easy. The only thing that is true is that it is a rapidly changing world.

Back in January I had been writing online for a year. I confidently thought I knew what I was doing and I was starting to see some progress financially. But when Google Panda rolled out in February my HubPages articles views dropped by 90% and my earnings dropped by more than that.

So, I decided, I would concentrate on Amazon. I put my Amazon Associates code everywhere I possibly could and my Amazon income tripled from January to June. About a month ago, however, I realized that most of my eggs were in Amazon's basket and if I ever lost that I would lose a large amount of my earnings. And this week that is exactly what happened.

Tomorrow I will tell you what my plans are for the future without the help of Amazon Affiliates, but today I want to tell you a little about June's earnings. People are always asking if one site is better than another and if they don't write on HubPages, where is the best place to write?

While Google rules don't allow me to tell you how much I've earned, I can tell you that during June I have earned from the following websites in order from highest to lowest.

My Own WebPage

Now, tops on Best Reviewer, answers on WebAnswers and articles on InfoBarrel and HubPages are not the same, but I can tell you I have 150 tops on Best-Reviewer, answered 7,000 questions on WebAnswers, have written 28 articles on InfoBarrel and 185 on HubPages.

If you are looking for a new place to write, I would certainly recommend InfoBarrel. You have to write 10 articles and they have to be accepted before your articles upload automatically. That raises the quality and keeps out the spammers.

I'm especially surprised with low the HubPages earnings as I have added 6 new hubs this month. Google earnings on HubPages has consistently decreased every month since January. Most of my articles on InfoBarrel have been there over a year, but I did add 2 new ones during June.

Tomorrow I will tell you my plan for the future without the help of Amazon Associates. But in the meantime if you want to join any of these, please use my referral codes above.

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