Jul 2, 2011

Looking Forward to the Future

The beauty of earning online is that knowledge gained is never wasted. When I learned to add HTML on my eBay auctions many years ago, I didn't realize that I'd need that skill later in the online writing world.

In the last month I'd heard rumors about Amazon canceling their Associates program and started to wonder how I would earn online income if I lost that stream. I discovered shareasale and had started using it, but have yet to earn something from it.

I've been offering gigs for a while on Fiverr. One of the gigs I offer is to write a HubPages article advertising a product. This is very popular, it makes me do 2 or 3 hours work and I receive $3.92, which is not much. But the reason I offer it is that I find out what products people want to promote and they are usually the same ones that advertisers pay google to advertise. Also, if someone pays me and I have a deadline, I find it helps with the motivation.

Many of my Fiverr customers are repeat customers as they sell many products. I realized there is a need for people like me who can write English well to advertise products that people want to sell. With that in mind I updated my website to offer my writing servies to advertisers. You can view that here

Tina's Treasures

so next time someone asks for help I can point them in the direction of my webpage, complete with paypal buttons.

The other thing I'm using my webpage for is to offer consultancy by email. I write about organization and decluttering and teach classes in real life, so it's a skill I can help people with. Offering help by email is as easy as updating my webpage and adding more PayPal buttons. You can see my page here

Reduce Clutter

Anyway, with the loss of my Amazon earnings, I sat down and listed all my options and it looks like this (in no particular order):

1. Write a Kindle book
2. Join Keyword academy
3. More on InfoBarrel
4. Aim for Google money
5. Shareasale
6. Take a break
7. More math classes
8. Increase ebay
9. WebAnswers
10. Join something new – Wizzley, Excerptz
11. My blogs

The way to income involves two things, knowledge and action. There's no point reading about how to make money online without doing anything, and also you shouldn't just blindly load content online without some knowledge and a plan.

I did consider taking the month of July off, but not for long. At the start of the summer I set myself an earnings goal for June, July and August. I really don't want to change my mind one month into that plan, even though I don't expect I will now reach July's goal.

I have enough presence online to keep adding to my content, especially on Best-Reviewer and WebAnswers. Mainly though I will be replacing my Amazon ads with adverts from shareasale. However, right now the Kindle book looks like a good option.

Just remember the phrase multiple streams of income.

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