Jul 31, 2011

Looking back at July

July was my first month without Amazon income and as such my income plummeted. I've been searching for an affiliate to take its place and so joined Linkshare and ShareaSale. I've put a few ads up in various places, but have yet to make my first sale with either.

The great thing about Amazon was that you could advertise a book and someone could click on the link and buy a computer. With Linkshare and Shareasale you have to advertise one small company or another and people basically have to buy what is offered. Some of these companies are fairly unknown, whereas many more people have Amazon account.

Still floundering about what to do with online writing, I gave myself 3 weeks to publish a book on Amazon Kindle, and I did! Here's the story Homeschooling Boys

My traffic at HubPages was half its pre-Panda levels and HubPages introduced subdomains. I changed everything to subdomains and saw an increase of traffic of about 10%-20% and a tiny increase of income. I'm not sure it will have any long term effect.

Here are my Google earnings for July from highest to lowest

My Own WebPage

I did go over 200 tops on Best-Reviewer and am currently the top publisher there. On WebAnswers I mainly ask questions to help with my other online work, especially this month with my book.

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